Shelteren ved Nakkebølle marst 2013 (7)

This site is right on the beach, so splendid views over the sea are guaranteed. Overlooking the South Funen Archipelago, this shelter has a remarkable location between the sea and the garden of the old Nakkebølle Sanatorium. Back in the old days, patients used to be brought out to this point to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and the view. Today, visitors can enjoy the same magnificent experience from the comfort of their sleeping bags inside the shelter.

The site is currently owned by Tvind, which at the moment also runs”the Small Schools” in Nakkebølle. With the majestic buildings and a park full of Zimbabwean stone sculptures, fetching water to the shelter is an adventure in itself.

If you forgot to bring supper or love freshly caught fish, do bring your fishing rod. Right in front of the shelter is one of South Funen’s premium angling spots whether we are talking about sea trout or garfish when in season. It is almost possible to do your angling while lying in your sleeping bag.

Sleep: 6

Water and toilet:
There is access to drinking water and a toilet in the old sanatorium.

Campfire and firewood:
There is a place for a campfire. Firewood is usually available on site. If you don’t find any firewood  you are allowed to gather dead wood from the forest floor.