The best bathing place on Drejø

Forside Drejø

This fantastic shelter is on the south side of the beautiful island of Drejø. The water and the beach here are the best on the island and the view to Ærø is simply magnificent. That is why many locals come here to bathe too, even in the winter. In the summer, they build a bathing jetty. You can relish nature here on the spot or take an unforgettable tour around the island. Drejø by and Gammelhavn are definitely worth a visit. In the village you will find the supermarket, the inn and the Gammel Elmegaard Museum. If you come to the island by ferry, you can walk along the water all the way to the shelter taking the path along the dike. You can also put up a tent on the site. No prior reservations are necessary. Overnight stays in a tent are paid on the site. The place is owned and managed by Jonas Jespersen, who lives on Drejø.

  • Number of shelters: 3 (see the description in the tab on the left)
  • Number of sleeping places in the shelters: 8
  • Campsite: Yes, cannot be booked in advance. Spending the night in a tent costs DKK 30 per person per night and is paid on site at the cash desk set up there.
  • Drinking water: Must be obtained from Drejø by (approx. 500 m) or from one of the two harbours.
  • WC: Yes. Bring along toilet paper.
  • Place for a campfire: Yes. Saw firewood yourself 20 metres from the site.
  • Distance to the sea: 15 m
  • Contact information, site owner: jocojes@gmail.com. Tel. +45 61 79 37 37

Click here to see pictures of the surroundings and the beach.

If you have not made a reservation and the shelters are unoccupied, you can certainly spend the night there. In this case, please pay at the cash desk set up on the site.

Kort Drejø