Here we will try to answer the questions we receive from time to time.

  1. What do we have to do if we book the wrong date?
    Send us an email and we will go back in the system and change your date. The system does not allow you to make any changes yourself. We cannot do this at short notice so if you want to change a date make sure you notify us as early as possible. One week in advance is preferable but we really need even more time in the summer. We, too, would like to enjoy the Danish summer or foreign climes.
    If you have made a mistake, do NOT try to book a new date and then rely on getting your money back for the wrong booking. This obviously puts us in a rather difficult position :)
  2. When is the last date to cancel a booking?
    In principle, you cannot cancel your booking and get your money back. This is so for several reasons: You have prevented others from booking the shelter. Handling a refund is a costly affair. PayPal wants its share and it is also expensive to have a secretary sit there and make payments, ask for account numbers, notify the owner etc. So unless you are a big group, we hope that you consider this an aid which would allow us to set up even more outdoor facilities in the archipelago. :-) If you are a big group, the extra work is worth it, so please write to us. Remember to notify us at least 14 days in advance or you will lose your money. We reserve the right to deduct DKK 100 for handling per refund payment + DKK 5 per night. So please think well before you book, we do not like paperwork and we would very much rather spend our time getting more shelters, develop new shelter types, offer new services, work on our website etc. 
  3. Do I need a PayPal account?
    No, you do not. It might look as if you do, but if you press No to set up an account, you will be redirected to a standard payment page. We have chosen PayPal here because the fee depends on the turnover. A fixed annual fee has to be paid for a payment card solution which will hardly measure up to the relatively modest turnover here on this website. This whole website is an absolutely non-profit project and is supposed to run by itself.
  4. How long do I have the shelter at my disposal and when do I have to go there?
    First, we do not think this would be a problem as most of you are on a trip (kayak, hiking, horseback riding, bike riding etc.) which is why you usually leave the place early in the morning or before noon and you normally arrive late in the evening or at night. However, if you are not on the move, you should be informed that switch time is at noon (12 p.m.)