When you’re on the road, what’s on the menu often plays a large part in the experience. It’s so much more fun and tasty if you can gather ingredients on the way or where you’re staying for the night. We’ve created a couple of recipes containing berries and mushrooms that you can try out. Press the link at each recipe to download a pdf file with detailed recipes. We hope you’ll have a lot of fun trying out ‘wild cooking’.

Pizza on the road.  Forget about ordering a pizza over the phone. Real outdoor people make it themselves. We’ll admit that pizza isn’t the easiest thing to make without an oven, but when you pull it off, it’s definitely gratifying. There are a couple of shelters where some sort of oven is available, but we predict that more will soon be on their way. If there’s no oven, making pizza in a pot is fairly simple.
Press  here, and you’ll find a pdf file med recipes for two pizzas. One containing ground elder for your spring outing and an autumn one containing ceps/penny buns.

Roadside “meatballs”.  The favourite of lots of children. We’ve even received thank-you letters from grateful parents, because their children will now eat vegetables! It’s a very simple recipe and perfect for when you’re on the road. Download the recipe here.

Elderflower fritters. In June when the elder flowers have just opened, it’s time for what is probably the most popular of all “natural desserts”. Download the recipe here.  Do be careful with the oil: It gets very hot!



Corn meatballs, South Funen style.  Delicious corn meatballs inspired by Thai cuisine and we’ve just swapped their herbs for local wild plants. You’ll find the recipe here. They’ll be even better served with a dipping sauce and this, too, is inspired by Asian cuisine and again using local plants, e.g. dittander. Find the recipe here.