This shelter is not available for booking, but can be freely used by everyone.

Explore the local area
Head 2 km west to explore the village of Vindeby. Visit, for example, Richard Winthers House; the artist Richard Winter lived here and today the house is a landmark with its beautiful murals and seasonal exhibition. Discover the beautiful Vindeby Mill, where every year a Mill Day and Christmas Market is held.
Go to the beach and enjoy a break on the bench at Gl. Kastager Strand, where you will find Lolland’s northernmost tree at the end of Bøgetvej. If you fancy a swim, Nybølle Strand has a fine jetty and lovely sandy beach, and is just under 6 km from Utterslev.

Dive into both old and new cultural history
The Rewentlow-museum and its park is located just under 10 km from Utterslev, and offers both history, art in the summer season and lovely walks. In the other direction, Lolland’s only forest church is located at Karlelunden about 3 km south of Utterslev, close to Nakskov. Note the beautiful altar and bell tower in natural materials.

If you head northwest, you’ll come to Onsevig Harbour, which has a peaceful harbour environment, a small fishing museum, as well as the opportunity for a walk on the projecting dike, and a small beach. Dine at the famous restaurant Den Fuldkomne Fisker before heading off to new adventures. Fancy more delicacies? Then head west and shop at Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin.

Get inspired for activities
Utterslev is almost directly on the great adventure route around Naturlandet, and there are several other exciting routes with attractions along the way. For example, there is the Danish Monastery Route and the Munke Road, as well as our adventure route The Lolland Alps. You can find all the routes in the app Naturlandet Lolland-Falster – click on Areas in Naturlandet and West Lolland category.