The old feeding house in new clothes

Foderhus Forside

In the heart of Dyreborg Wood and right by the water lies this unique shelter which was opened on 17 September 2014. It is a copy of the feeding house that once used to occupy this same spot. You can find out more about this exciting story under the heading “Shelter description”.

This area has been a holiday paradise since the Romanticism at the beginning of the 19th century when people discovered the lovely surroundings containing both forest and sea. There is nothing equal to spending a night in Dyreborg skov. Rumour has it, that the first tourist in this area was Hans Christian Andersen, who throughout his life had a great eye for all places beautiful. Somewhere around here, he met Riborg Voight, the daughter of a Fåborg merchant, whose brown eyes inspired him to write the collection of poems, Melodies of the Heart, that became his breakthrough. In Dyreborg skov, Hans Christian Andersen picked a bouquet of flowers for Riborg, who in 1830 was the first woman to cause him a heartache. The bouquet can be seen in the Hans Christian Andersen museum in Odense.

If you are into freshly caught fish, do not forget your fishing rod. The water off Dyreborg skov is fairly shallow, but the varying sea bottom milieu with both sandy and rocky spots and belts of eelgrass makes it the perfect habitat for flatfish and eel, but garfish and trout will also bite during the season.

The shelter is intended for big groups and with a bit of effort, it can accommodate up to 20 people. Access is up a ladder and then you can find a space for your sleeping mat on the old “hayloft”. It is possible to open up hatches on all sides of the shelter so that you can let in light from any side you want. This also means that you can lie on the floor and still enjoy the view of old oak trees, large beeches and, if you’re lucky, black squirrels.

This shelter – situated as it is just a few hundred meters from the beach – is also the obvious choice if you travel by kayak.

It is not possible to book the shelter just for yourself as it works under the dormitory principle, but you can to book for up to 15 people.

  • Number of shelters: 1
  • Sleeps in total: 20
  • Drinking water: Drinking water can be obtained from Dyreborg Harbour, 500 m
  • Toilet: Yes. At ‘Madpakkehuset’ (see map) 200 m away or at Dyreborg Harbour, 500 m away
  • Place for a campfire: No. Under no circumstance  can you light a campfire at the shelter and anyone doing so will be expelled from the shelter immediately! Only on the beach is it allowed to have a campfire. Show consideration.
  • Distance to the sea: 200 m

The forest shelter is owned by Steensgaard

Skovshelter interiør

Kort Dyreborg Skov