Expore the nearby area
Sandby is a small village between Tårs and Nakskov, just a short distance from the Frederiksdal estate with their famous winery, and the Nakskov Fjord nature park. You can catch the ferry in Tårs and continue your adventures on the Langeland island, or enjoy the shopping and dining in Nakskov nearby. Sandby is a lively village with a great community, surrounded by idyllic roads and scenery.

Experience the beautiful nature park
Sandby is close by the Nakskov Fjord Nature Park, where you can enjoy the fascinating nature and culture shaped by the unique geography and history of the area. Hike out onto the Albuen spit og take a trip with the Postbåden tour boat out to the uninhabited islands of the fjord. If you prefer keeping your feet grounded, then you can enjoy the recreational area at Hestehoved, where you can dive into the ocean from Denmark’s longest swimming pier, or view the sunset from the uniquely shaped benches. The levee along the coast doesn’t just safeguard the Lolland island from the ocean; it is also Denmark’s best bicycle trail! Enjoy the smooth gravel path, zero car traffic and amazing view of the ocean.

Get inspiration for your adventures
Sandby is located directly on the big adventure route, Naturlandet Rundt, and aside from that, there are plenty of other exciting routes nearby with nice views and attractions along the way. For example the Danish national cycle route 8, also known as the Baltic Sea route. Aside from that, there’s the Danish Monastery route (Den Danske Klosterrute), and our Naturlandet adventure route, the Nordic grape. At the Frederiksdal estate you can enjoy many beautiful walks, as they have 3 marked trails for visitors to enjoy. You can find all the routes in the app Naturlandet Lolland-Falster  – tap on Areas in Naturlandet and the West Lolland category.