What payment options do I have when booking?
It is only possible to pay by credit card (JCB, Maestro, Mastercard or VISA). It is very rare that we experience problems with payment but when it does happen it is often due to the credit card.  You need to make sure that you have the 3D-secure procedure validated on your credit card. This is quite new from the year 2022 (EU directive) and we experience both Danish and foreign customers who have not yet activated this on their cards. To have the 3D-secure procedure validated on your credit card, please contact your bank. This is not something we can help with.

I have a booked a day too many, can I get my money back?
We would love to be able to offer it, but it is a very heavy administrative burden to refund the money once it has already been registered with Nets. Because of that, it is comparatively expensive and generally not worthwhile to request a refund since it costs 120 DKK + 8 DKK per person per night. Please be very careful to not make mistakes when you make your booking.

I would like to change my booking to another shelter site, can I? 
No, it is not possible to change your booking to a different shelter site, because Naturlandet only mediates between customers and caretakers. Once you book, it is immediately registered in the system, and this means the caretakers will receive an email and that the calendar will show as unavailable for other guests. Therefore it’s complicated and a heavy administrative burden to change the booking from one shelter site to another. Please carefully consider your order before you place it.

I want to book the shelter for only 1 person, but the system won’t allow it. What do I do?
You can sleep in a shelter by yourself if you wish, but you must pay for 2 persons. It is a part of our concept that the shelter is rented out fully, so that people won’t need to sleep next to strangers, and thus the calendar closes as soon as there is a single booking. Therefore, we believe it is most fair to our partners, the caretakers, who run and maintain the sites, that they get paid for at least 2 persons when the shelter is booked. That is why 1 person must pay for 2 in shelters. On the tent sites, you can book and pay as only 1 person, as it does not affect the shelters.

I want to bring my children to the shelter, do they have to pay to stay overnight too?
All people regardless of age count, so you must book and pay for everyone to stay overnight in the shelter or tent.

I want to take my dog on a shelter trip, can I?
You are welcome to bring your dog on a shelter trip as long as it is on a lead and does not cause a nuisance to any other shelter guests on site. However, your dog is not allowed in the shelters themselves as the tenants after you may be allergic.

I can’t find the shelter site on the map. What do I do?
If you go to the front page, click on the map and zoom, then you can see the shelter site’s exact location. You can also download our app, Naturlandet Lolland-Falster for more information. If you select the app, filter, and then primitive accommodation, then you can see all shelter and tent sites across Lolland-Falster! The app has plenty of exciting route suggestions and helpful filters, with almost 2000 points of interest across the Naturlandet area.

What is the expected arrival and departure time?
The shelter or tent site is yours from 1 p.m. on the day of arrival until 11 a.m. on the day of departure.

I don’t see a booking option, did it break?
No, it’s not broken, you just have to click a bit further into the site. Click onto the shelter site where you find the general description, and then click onto a shelter or tent site in the menu there. You book on the individual shelter or tent site pages, not on the overall descriptive page.