Rules for using the site

Please be considerate towards the surrounding nature and other guests by following the rules below:

–    You must be able to show the caretaker your booking receipt.
–    Always follow the caretaker’s instructions while on the site.
–    You must use the campfire site if you intend to light a fire.
–    If you use a one-use grill, then you must use it on the campfire site.
–    The campfire must be fully extinguished before you leave the site.
–    It is not permitted to climb on the roof of the shelter.
–    Do not use shoes within the shelter, it is meant as a sleeping spot.
–    Please be considerate towards other guests, and note that noisy and loud behavior is not acceptable. Between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. there must be peace and quiet on the site.
–    Dogs are welcome on the site, but not in the shelter. Keep them on a short leash.
–    Please follow the parking instructions; cars are not welcome on the site.
–    It is not permitted to damage the bushes and trees in the area.
–    Smoking is allowed at the campfire, but you must ensure that the cigarette butts are properly disposed of.
–    You must use the toilet facilities you are directed to; defecation on the site is not permitted. Leave the toilet as clean as you found it.
–    Clean up the shelter before leaving, all litter and trash must be fully removed from the site.

The following information is available in your email receipt: Access to drinking water, trash disposal, toilet facilities, additional purchases, contact to caretaker and other relevant information.