This shelter site offers firewood service, click here to read more.

Askø shelter site
North of Lolland’s coast there is a nice little island called Askø, located in the middle of Smålandsfarvandet. The island has a wide range of nature and culture experiences you can enjoy, and now it has gotten its own shelter site too, at the old school. The area has a nice grill site, campfire site, outdoors charging access, a pétanque field and a small soccer field.

You can take the ferry from Bandholm, click here to see the ferry schedule. It is recommended to book seats in advance during the summer, or if you want to bring your car. However, it is suggested to park your car at the harbour in Bandholm, and then walk or cycle while getting around the island.

The locals have made a nice map of Askø and Lilleø, click here to see all the islands’ facilities. Askø has its own grocery store, see information and opening hours here.

  • Number of shelters: 2
  • Persons per shelter: 5
  • Tent site: No, camping at the harbour is suggested if you want to sleep in tent.
  • Prices: 50 DKK per person in shelter. 
  • Drinking water: Yes.
    Note: The outdoor tap is closed from 1st December to 15th March each year. Drinking water can still be obtained in the bathroom.
  • Toilet: Yes, you can use the old school’s toilet. Access code in the receipt. Note that you need to bring your own toilet paper, soap and hand towels.
  • Campfire site: Yes, with benches and grill rack.
  • Information: Read more about the island on Askø/Lilleø’s website
  • Charging: There is outdoors charging access for ebikes, phones and such.
  • Caretaker: See email receipt.
  • Parking: The school’s parking lot can be used, but we recommend that you park your car on Bandholm harbour.

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Would you like to sleep in a shelter? Book by clicking here: The “Askepot” shelter or here the “Lillepot” shelter.

If everything is fully booked at Askø shelter site, then we recommend the primitive tent site on Askø harbour, Askø Mejeri or Askø B&B.

Click here to read the shelter and tent site rules or click here to read the FAQ if you have general questions about the website and booking.