PLEASE NOTE: The water pipes are closed during the frost period. As such, the drinking water and shower are unavailable from 1st November to 1st April.

Bursø Grusgrav
This shelter site is a true treasure for anyone who enjoys beautiful nature, and still prefers having excellent facilities available. The shelter site has a newly built primitive toilet, multiple picnic tables, and is a great spot for angling. A short distance from the site, there is drinking water and charging facilities available at the scouts’ club house. The area is right along the famous trail Jernbanestien and the national cykel route 8, and is therefore an excellent choice of accommodation for cycling tourists.

Bursø Grusgrav is a former gravel pit, which has turned into a beautiful recreational area with gorgeous nature. Angling in the lake is permitted, and it is a nice spot for birdwatching too. If you would like to explore beyond the immediate area, then you can take the trip to Maribo and Holeby, where grocery shopping is available, as well as cultural and historical attractions. The cities are about 5 km away from the shelter site, in opposite directions.

  • Number of shelters: 2
  • Persons per shelter: 5
  • Prices: 40 DKK per person in shelter. 
  • Tent site: No. 
  • Drinking water: At the scouts’ club house, about 150 meters from the site.
  • Toilet: Yes, there is a primitive toilet facility on the site. 
  • Campfire site: Yes. 
  • Wi-Fi: No. 
  • Charging: Yes, at the scouts’.  
  • Caretaker: See email receipt.
  • Services: Charge your electric bicycle free-of-charge at the scouts’ club house.
  • Parking: On the road Mallehøjvej, please show consideration.

Would you like to sleep in a shelter? Book by clicking here the “Kolibri” shelter or here the “Quetzal” shelter.
The local scouts have named the shelters after the sacred birds of the Aztecs.

If everything is fully booked at Bursø Grusgrav, then we recommend the shelter at Polakkasernen. If you take the trip to Maribo, then there is Maribosøerne Camping or Milling Hotel Søpark to choose from as well.

Click here to read the shelter and tent site rules or click here to read the FAQ if you have general questions about the website and booking.