Visit Denmark’s southernmost point
Follow the shore down to Denmark’s southernmost point, Gedser Odde; it is a nice walk or bicycle trip of about 5 km through the city and along the coastline. At the tip you’ll find a nice little museum where you can learn more about the area, and shop for locally produced art. In the middle of the courtyard there you’ll see the famous rock called Sydstenen, which is believed to be more than 1 billion years old; it came to Denmark all the way from Sweden during the last Ice Age.
If you enjoy birds and nature, then Gedser is the perfect destination, as it is a hotspot for both migratory and resident birds, and you might get lucky and encounter some very rare species. Read more on Gedser bird station’s homepage (only available in Danish).

Dive into history
Gedser city has many fascinating historical buildings, and an interesting history through the times due to its unique location. The remarkable yellow church was built during the 1st World War, and is unlike many other Danish churches with its unique architecture. The area played a unique role during the 2nd World War, as well as the cold war. Visit the museum at the old Marine Station near the Gedser Odde spit to learn more.

Visit the tourist oasis Marielyst
If you follow the eastern coast northwards, you’ll arrive at Falster’s most lively tourist area Marielyst, which has white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. The city has a wide range of tourist attractions, and regardless of whether you prefer quiet walks in nature, racing on the gokart track or competing in minigolf. See if you can spot the wild horses in the Bøtø forest, or swim along the beautiful coastline. Follow Marielyst Tourist office on Facebook, then you’ll be well-prepared to visit South Falster.

Get inspiration for your adventures
Gedser is located directly on the big adventure route, Naturlandet Rundt, and aside from that, there are plenty of other exciting routes nearby, many with nice views and attractions along the way.  For example the national cycle route 9, the Danish Monastery route, Gedser tour on bicycle, as well as our adventure routes, the Southernmost Denmark and Naturlandet Rundt. You can rent a bicycle here if you didn’t bring your own. Additionally, the site is perfect for anyone enjoying kayaking or other watersports activities. You can find all the routes in the app Naturlandet Lolland-Falster  – tap on Areas in Naturlandet and the South Falster category.