Dive into history

The shelter is in the backyard behind Museum Polakkasernen, which is a museum where you can learn about the east European seasonal sugar beet workers who came to Denmark during the early industrial times. The workers were brought here by the nearby estate, Lungholm Gods, where you can host parties or feel like the king of the world in while sleeping in the luxurious castle. The village Tågerup is also known for its exquisite church, which has beautiful frescos from the 1400s.

Spot the wild horses and soaring eagles
9 km from Polakkasernen you’ll find the beautiful nature area called Saksfjed-Hyllekrog. This area offers many opportunities for exciting adventures in nature, particularly if you enjoy hiking or animal observations. You can witness the majestic white-tailed sea eagles, which are known to breed in the area, and the cranes resting in the fields. There is a nice 2-story bird observation tower just a short distance from the site, where you can get an excellent overview of the area; enjoy the view of the Hyllekrog spit, the wind mill park, the wild horses and the many fascinating birds that come to the area each year. Enjoy a unique hike along the Hyllekrog spit and admire the view from the top of the lighthouse; note that the spit is closed from 1st March to 16th July each year. Visit Lyttesholm Naturcenter to learn more about the area.

Get inspiration for your adventures
Polakkasernen is located directly on the big adventure route, Naturlandet Rundt, and aside from that, there are plenty of other exciting routes near Bruserup beach, many with nice views and attractions along the way. The most prominent ones are the national cycle routes 7 and 8, the latter also known as the Baltic Sea route, Monk’s road (Munkevejen), Jernbanestien (an old railway track), and our Naturlandet adventure route, Wild Horses.You can find all the routes in the app Naturlandet Lolland-Falster  – tap on Areas in Naturlandet and the Mid Lolland category.