Næsby Strand shelter site

In the corner of the large garden behind the nature centre, you’ll find this lovely shelter site. Only one of the 3 shelters can be booked online, as the others are kept open to active outdoors tourists who tend to arrive on short notice. The shelters have mosquito nets, and there is a nice campfire site between them.

The east side of the nature center has two toilets and drinking water available that are accessed from outside. If guests are using the nature centre, then please show consideration and be as unobtrusive as possible by walking along the edge of the lawn. The shelter and tent site is accessed through the trail next to the small tourist information centre on Rolandsvej, which has information about attractions in the area. Free wifi is available on the site, and there is a charging station in one of the toilets.

Næsby Strand - Shelterpladsen


Næsby Strand is a particularly popular area in the summer, with lots of vacation homes and beautifully varied nature. Close to the shelter site you’ll mostly find cultivated fields, hedgerows and natural ponds. Approximately 400 meters from the shelter site, you’ll find a nice sandy beach that’s perfect for swimming. Between the boulders there are nicely protected coves, which make suitable landing space for kayaks.

You can bicycle and hike on top of the dyke protecting Lolland’s coast. The national cycle route 8 follows the dyke past Næsby Strand, and is the perfect route for nature lovers. The sides of the dyke are grassy and blooming with rare flowers and herbs, a true paradise for insects – and an incredibly beautiful view!

Only 100 meters further down the dyke, you’ll find the picturesque Vindeholme Vesterskov forest. The forest has a large growth of small-leaved linden (tilia cordata), and it is believed they have been in the area ever since the Stone Age.

The coastline in front of the forest is well-known for its excellent angling; it is particularly sea trout in the spring and autumn that’s popular.

  • Number of shelters: 3, but from 1st May to 30th September you can only book 1. 
  • Persons per shelter: 5
  • Tent site: Yes, but you cannot book it in advance. 
  • Prices: 40 DKK per person in shelter.
  • Drinking water: Yes, the water tap is under the sink in one of the toilets.
  • Toilet: Yes, there are 2 nice toilets with sinks and water. 
  • Campfire site: Yes, there is a campfire site with benches. 
  • Wi-Fi: Yes, Generic is free and without password. 
  • Charging: Yes, you can charge your mobile phone in one of the toilets.
  • Information: Read more about the nearby attractions in the small tourist information centre just outside. 
  • Caretaker: See email receipt.
  • Services: You can buy pine tree firewood.
  • Parking: If you arrive by car, then you must park at the road near the small tourist information centre. Using the nature centre’s parking lot is not permitted.

Would you like to sleep in a shelter? Book by clicking here: “Skovskaden”

If everything is fully booked at Næsby Strand, then we recommend the shelter and tent site at Langø or Albuen Strand Camping. Both of them are located west of Næsby Strand, and also offer excellent opportunities to explore the Nakskov Fjord Nature Park.

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There are several interesting routes with exciting attractions near Næsby Strand. For example, the Danish national cycle route 8, Munkevejen (Monk’s road), and Naturlandet’s adventure routes Naturlandet Rundt and Along the Fjord.

Click here to read the rules and requirements for using our shelter and tent sites.