Please note: Toilet, kitchen, laundry and shower facilities are only open from 1st April to 1st November each year. Outside the tourist season you can use the nearby toilet at the nearby harbour, which is publicly available, and located about 1 km from marina.

Gedser Lystbådehavn
At the end of the lovely marina in Gedser, you’ll find this cozy little shelter site, just a few meters from the shore of the Baltic Sea. The shelters are located in the corner of the area, nicely isolated from the bustling activity of the lively marina. The tent site is centrally in the area, at the grill area and playground. The marina is a popular tourist spot with thousands of visitors each year from all around Europe. Not only is the area popular with tourists, but the locals also enjoy spending their time in the leisure areas and walking along the docks to watch the beautiful nautical scenery. There are great facilities available for guests in the tourist season, and for a small fee you can enjoy a shower and do your laundry.

Gedser Lystbådehavn and the surrounding area is perfect for family time! There is a huge playground and a small soccer field at the grill area, and lots of space for having fun and playing around in the area. If you enjoy beach walks, then you’ll be glad to hear there are plenty of sandy beaches in the area, and they’re perfect for taking a dive into the Baltic Sea. Would you rather not be in charge of cooking? Then the city has 2 restaurants with delicious food you can try: Restaurant Najaden and Toldcafeen. If you’d like to shop some groceries, then you can find the local Dagli’ Brugsen store just 1 km from the marina.

  • Number of shelters: 2
  • Persons per shelter: 5
  • Tent site: Yes, please book in the menu. 
  • Prices: 30 DKK per person in tent, 40 DKK per person in shelter. 
  • Drinking water: Yes, several places, for example in the kitchen. 
  • Toilet: Yes, in the marina’s building about 150 meters from the shelters. 
  • Campfire site: No, and lighting a fire is not permitted – please use the grill area instead. 
  • Information: Read more about Gedser Lystbådehavn here, and the experiences you can enjoy in the area
  • Wi-Fi: Yes, there’s free wifi across the marina area.  
  • Caretaker: See email receipt.
  • Services: There is a kitchen available, and for a small fee you can shower and do laundry. 
  • Parking: Use one of the marina’s parking lots; if you’re going to stay in one of the shelters, then you may use the Fishing club’s parking lot. 

To use the marina’s facilities you need to pay 60 DKK for the access card; if you don’t use laundry or shower facilities, then you’ll get all your money back when you return the card. Using the toilet, grill site and kitchen is entirely free-of-charge, the card is just used for access.

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